A Few Things Everyone Should Know About Adult ADHD

ADHD…you’ve heard about it, right?

Many people think that ADHD is some kind of fad diagnosis that we throw at kids so we can treat them with medications to modify their unwanted behaviors. While it is true that some children are inappropriately medicated for ADHD when
they do not have it, ADHD has actually been woefully underdiagnosed. Most individuals who have ADHD have no idea they have it- especially adults!

Maybe you’re feeling a little more restless lately…

Perhaps you’re having a hard time concentrating…

Or you’re disorganized to the point that it feels overwhelming and frustrating…

Are you always late, forgetful, and unreliable?

Treatment for ADHD at Psychiatry Northwest

If you haven’t read Dr. Jesse McClelland’s story, here’s the link. Dr.McClelland has ADHD but wasn’t diagnosed until a year after medical school graduation. Even though Dr. McClelland was functioning and staying afloat, he knew he
wasn’t living up to his full potential.

Because of his personal experience with ADHD, Dr. McClelland enjoys helping those in our community with ADHD live life to their full potential with proper treatment.

Sometimes ADHD (especially in adults) goes misdiagnosed because of other conditions, like depression, external stressors (job loss, divorce, etc.), bipolar disorder, and learning disabilities mimic some of the symptoms of ADHD which are:

Inability to concentrate (including difficulty in school or work situations)
Restlessness, impatience, an inability to sit still
Hyperactivity, talking excessively
Forgetfulness, easily distracted, or just can’t pay attention
Difficulty getting along with others
Impulsiveness or a “hot temper”
Difficulty being organized or messy, even frequently losing things like keys

Don’t let another day go by without living to your FULL potential! Dr. McClelland enjoys watching how treatments help change his patients’ lives right in front of his eyes.

“I cannot imagine a more rewarding experience in medicine then being able to tell someone the answer to their lifelong problem and tell them there’s greater than 90% chance I’m going to be able to help them” – Dr. McClelland

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