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TMS Washington

After having searched the globe for the best ideas and science in TMS healing. TMS Washington offers clients the most advanced TMS practices. Below are just a few of our state-of-the-art services and treatments.

Deep TMS Therapy

Deep TMS therapy has been employed by leading physicians worldwide to successfully treat depression, anxiety and other mental and physical disorders. Brainsway’s state of the art TMS device is the only FDA-cleared device for “deep TMS therapy”. Deep TMS Therapy stimulates the brain regions responsible for depression almost twice as deep as other TMS devices and stimulates a broader spectrum of the brain.

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Theta Burst (TBS) Treatments

Theta Burst Stimulation (TBS) is a revolutionary form of brain stimulation that more closely mimics the natural rhythms of activity in the neurons of the brain. Theta Bursts are short bursts of stimulation at high frequencies, with the bursts themselves being applied 5 times per second. First used in 2005, TBS has been shown to produce stronger and longer-lasting changes in brain activity, while requiring much less time to administer.

Clinicians believe that TBS may eventually prove to be more effective than the older forms of stimulation in treating neurological and psychiatric disorders. We are so excited about TBS stimulation that we offer “off label” TBS treatment on two different TBS devices.

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