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TMS Financing 101

TMS Washington

TMS Financing 101:

  • Most insurance carriers cover FDA cleared TMS Therapy by Brainsway®
  • Not covered? No worries, Dr. McClelland makes treatment attainable for anyone!
  •  All-Inclusive Prepaid TMS Packages starting at $83.31 per treatment!

Our Main Insurance Providers are Premera Blue Cross, Regence, First Choice Health, & Aetna.

If you have another insurance provider call to inquire about coverage at (206) 456-2604

When Insurance says No, we say YES.
hen you apply for a single case agreement we will guarantee to provide you with TMS. $50 per session Magpro Magvita TBS treatment.

1. Patients with insurance coverage: Our premium TMS treatment protocol for major depression—FDA cleared Brainsway® Deep TMS Therapy– is currently covered by most medical insurers.

  1. We provide a free consultation with a TMS expert upon request by patient or by referring physician or caregiver. An important part of the consultation will be to identify your insurance coverage and collect information the insurer requires for pre- authorization. Our TMS Coordinator can also take this information from you directly via phone.
  2. We will obtain pre-authorization from your insurer for payments of individual TMS treatments in advance. TMS Washington’s team will guide you effortlessly through every step of the preauthorization process and appeals process if necessary. Currently, we are accepting Premera Blue Cross, Regence, First Choice Health, and Aetna for this therapy. If we cannot currently accept your medical insurance, contact us. We may be able to advise as to of out of network benefits, or provide financial solutions that work for you such as those outlined below.

2. Patients without insurance coverage: Contact us today to find out what alternative will work for you! Dr. McClelland is committed to finding a TMS therapy solutions his patients can afford. This includes offering lower cost, but proven, off label TMS protocols like Theta Burst TMS (TBS) and by currently offering promotional, all-inclusive prepaid TMS packages as outlined below.

Promotional All-Inclusive Prepaid TMS Packages:
*Limited to first 100 uninsured TMS Patients in 2017

The TMS financing process

  1. Deep TMS Therapy: 20-minute FDA cleared protocol for Major Depression treatment by Brainsway®
    30 +6 TMS treatments daily @ $194.42 per treatment = $6,999 package*
    (Compare to $250 to $400 per treatment plus physician’s fees = $9,000-$12,600+)
  2. Deep Theta Burst Therapy: 3-6 minute “off-label” Theta Burst protocol on Brainsway® for “off-label” treatment of depression, and other mental illnesses.
    30 +6 TBS Treatments (2+per day) @ $138.86 per treatment = $4,999 package*
    (Compare to $225 to $300 per treatment plus physician’s fees =$8,100-$10,800+)
  3. Theta Burst TMS: 6-minute “off-label” protocol on MagVita® TMS device for “off-label” treatment of depression and other mental illnesses
    30 +6 TBS Treatments (2+ per day) @ $83.31 per treatment = $2,999 package*
    (Compare to $180 to $250 per treatment plus physician’s fees =$6,400-$9,000+)
  4. BrainsWay OCD: 19-minutes FDA cleared protocol on Brainsway® for the treatment of OCD, the first in Seattle.
    29 treatments package for $7,250.00
    First 100 patients will receive an early-bird package of $5,999

* You can add a $1,000 Therapy Package of 10 Therapy sessions, onto the above 3 options today! Studies have proven that TMS coupled with Therapy increases the chances of complete remission in patients suffering from depression.

*All packages are payable in full once treatment protocol is determined. In some cases, financing may be available. These packages are also available to insurers, if they purchase package on same payment terms as apply herein.

Call now at 206-503-2450 to learn more today!

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