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Drifting Away From Hope? TMS Therapy Can Help

When you suffer from an advanced mental health disorder, ‘hope’ can become an overused term over time. Maybe you started out looking for hope. But now, you are just looking for solutions. You know that it’s important to have hope, but it isn’t easy because you only find more of the same in your search for solutions. Perhaps at one

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Can You Be Depressed And Not Know It?

You could know a lot about what depression looks like yet fail to recognize it in yourself. For one, depression can look quite different from person to person. Your symptoms can develop gradually and at different times, and some might not seem like depression. But the truth is, depression doesn’t always manifest as constant, immense sadness like we tend to

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Why Is It So Hard To Move On In Life?

We all experience emotional pain and heartache in life that is difficult enough to endure, so why is it that we continue to relive that pain? Why is it so hard just to let go of the past and move on? Whether it’s a past relationship or a failure that you continue to play over and over in your mind,

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Mental Wellness Journey: 3 Essentials That Will Help You Thrive

There’s no shortage of information out there on ways to take care of your physical health these days. Between COVID-19 and flu season, it’s important to take care of your physical health. However, many often overlook the importance of mental wellness, especially during these challenging times. Perhaps you feel a little uneasy these days from all the uncertainty surrounding social

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How To Get Out of Rut: A Few Strategies to Help You Get Unstuck

Feeling down in the dumps lately?  Tired of the way things are in life? Angry about the cause and actions of what’s happening downtown? Sick of feeling stuck in a mindless routine day after day? We all go through times when it feels like we’re in a rut. It’s not uncommon to feel like you’re just going through the motions,

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How Depression Can Affect Relationships

We talk a lot about the well-known symptoms of depression. The lingering sadness, increased irritability, and feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness. Approximately 1 in 6 Americans live with these symptoms every day. Unfortunately, Major Depression can extend beyond the individual impacting family and friends, destroying careers, and wrecking relationships. When you start to peel away the layers of depression, you

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Mental Wellness Tips During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Fear about the coronavirus has gripped our area greatly.  Now, it’s hitting much closer to home as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread through the Seattle area. The introduction of any new illness can be frightening, but those fears are easily intensified when you’re in a ‘hot spot’ like Seattle. During this time of unknown conditions and rising fears, it’s

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A Few Things Everyone Should Know About Adult ADHD

ADHD…you’ve heard about it, right? Many people think that ADHD is some kind of fad diagnosis that we throw at kids so we can treat them with medications to modify their unwanted behaviors. While it is true that some children are inappropriately medicated for ADHD when they do not have it, ADHD has actually been woefully underdiagnosed. Most individuals who

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