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Testimonials on TMS Therapy

“I was highly skeptical and didn’t really believe that something that seems so simple and non-invasive, could really work.”

“It took me until the third week to really understand and accept that the depression was lifted, and that it was the most transforming thing that happened to me in my lifetime”, “It’s been life changing for me”

“People will see me, and know that there is an answer, there’s a solution. What medication and therapy couldn’t do for me alone, Deep TMS did.”

Dr. Li
“Deep TS works fast and is very effective on almost 80% of my patients.”

“I enjoyed life for a change – sunshine, my wife’s smile. I would recommend deep TMS treatment to anybody suffering from depression. Because I think it gives your life back.”

“The first time I could tell a difference was a week. My mom asked me me how was my treatment, and I said “Mom I can already tell a difference”. And she said, “So can I”.

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