TMS Treatment

OCD TMS Treatment Represents a Significant Transformation.

Our TMS technology is currently the only FDA approved platform to treat OCD. It is one of the first non-invasive treatments of multiple indications, including MDD and OCD.

It’s the first non-invasive, novel FDA-cleared medical therapy for OCD in over a decade. BrainsWay’s H-coil technology enables targeting of multiple treatment areas.

Other current treatment methods are ineffective for a large segment of patients. Over 2 million adults are diagnosed with OCD every year. Approximately 50% of OCD patients are resistant to current firs-line treatment methods, including CBT and SSRI medication.

Side Effects of BrainsWay vs. Competitors

Many patients cannot tolerate medication side effects. Patients often discontinue SSRI’s due to debilitating side effects, such as; weight gain, sexual dysfunction, suicidal thoughts, nausea, insomnia, and anxiety. Common TMS side effects are a headache or mild discomfort at the application site. TMS is non-invasive, non-systemic, and has not been shown to cause any systemic side effects. Our TMS treatments are administered at our offices and do not require hospitalization or anesthesia.

Treatment Plan

Read about our BrainsWay OCD TMS treatment plan by visiting our web page here

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